High School Musical

The Gouverneur High School musical has been a highlight of the community since it began in the late 1970’s. Over thirty different Broadway musicals have given around 2000 of Gouverneur’s young people theatre experience, a boost in confidence, and great memories.

Support and encouragement have been shown by the community through their attendance as audience members, their donations of properties, and their pride in a strong theatre program at the school. Occasionally, adult members of the community have even appeared on our stage in cameo roles. It is said that some of our winter snowbirds plan their return north in time to see the spring musical. These students, in turn, have provided their hometown with performances that have surprised and delighted audiences and participants alike.
Portrait Gallery
A portrait of every musical since 1979 has been painted and hung around the auditorium. We have finally run out of room inside and have started expanding the gallery to the outside walls.

Elizabeth Gleason, the painter, was the art teacher at the time who came up the idea for the portraits. She says they started as a way to give a brand new auditorium in the seventies its own identity and now it's a tradition that gives those in the musicals some well deserved recognition.

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